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Meet Our Members

We are a diverse group of women and men. We come from different walks of life, are a variety of ages, and write in a multitude of genres. Some of our members are published in various formats. Others are still working to make that first sale. All have an interesting tale to tell…Click on their social media icons for information about each member.

We welcome writers of all experience levels. If you’d like to join our chapter, please submit the Join TARA Now! form.

Author Contact Info
Kathryn Andrews websitefacebook
Kathryn Ascher websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Beth Baker
Mary Ball
Jeri Black websitefacebooktwitter
Linda Bleser websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Rissa Brahm websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Heather Burch websitefacebooktwittergoodreads
C. Chilove facebooktwitterinstagrampinterest
Lynn Carmer websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Kathy Carmichael websitefacebooktwitter
Claire Castillo website
Ivy Castle
Chloe Christian Grimes
Wanja Chomba twitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Lorelei Confer websitefacebooktwitterpinterest
Connie Y. Harris websitefacebooktwitter
Melody Cooper
Virginia Crane
Debbie S G website
Lori Domingo websitefacebooktwitter
Jeanette Lynn Dundas websitefacebooktwitterpinterestgoodreads
Lorna Eames facebooktwitter
Nina Lekka websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Joni M. Fisher websitefacebookgoodreads
KD Fleming websitefacebook
Lori Francis
Madelaine Grant websitefacebook
Elysa Hendricks websitefacebook
Jan Sarver
Sabrina Jarema website
Shirley Jump websitefacebooktwitterinstagram
Kalli Faye Kaiman
Kristina Simon facebooktwitterpinterestgoodreads
Celia Kyle websitefacebooktwittergoodreads
Kathy Lane facebookgoodreads
Vicki Lane website
Lynette Robey (Kiwi) website
Cyn Hadyn websitefacebook
Judy Hunt
L Oliver
Rhoda Garcia
Marilyn Kelly websitefacebooktwitterpinterestgoodreads
Ruthe Frances facebook
Raine Carson website
Karen Lingefelt websitefacebook
Caroline Scogna
Anne-Marie Carroll websitefacebook
Janet Ware
Cindy Jachrimo facebooktwitterinstagrampinterest
Lucyann Day
June Bowen
Cheryl Mansfield
Marilyn L. Hart
Maria Geraci websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
CC Villines
Katy Keen
Sasha Cain website
Polly Cain website
Desiree Holt websitefacebooktwitterpinterest
Shayla McBride website
M. Garnet websitefacebooktwitter
Eliza March websitefacebooktwitterpinterestgoodreads
Melissa Hladik Meyer websitefacebooktwitter
Ginny Messier
Mar Mills websitefacebook
Kele Moon websitefacebooktwitterpinterestgoodreads
Darice Moore facebooktwitterinstagrampinterest
P S Cherry facebook
Jane Peden websitefacebooktwitterinstagram
Laura Sue Perricone website
Carol J. Post websitefacebooktwitter
Joanne Rock websitefacebooktwitterinstagrampinterestgoodreads
Cynthia Sherrick website
Connie Taxdal websitefacebooktwitter
JS Millard websitefacebooktwitter
Victoria Sue websitefacebooktwittergoodreads
Elissa Wilds website
Karen Yakey websitefacebooktwitter