May 9, 2020 – Maria Connor (Zoom Meeting)

Morning Session:

The Three Stages of Book Marketing

Authors often wonder where to invest time, money, and attention when it comes to marketing. This fast-paced workshop provides an overview of basic marketing concepts and strategies, followed by an analysis of the three stages of a book release so authors can determine outcomes, goals, and strategies appropriate for each unique stage of the process. Participants will gain information enabling them to make focused, intentional, measurable plans and decisions, saving them resources and improving outcomes. Suitable for authors at all levels.

Put Your Money Where Your Readers Are

A comprehensive workshop that provides authors with the resources they need to design, organize, execute and evaluate promotional campaigns, as well as an insightful and considerate overview of where, how, and why to invest time, money, energy, and creativity. Participants will learn to identify which marketing tasks are appropriate for them based on career level, resources, knowledge, and goals.

Maria Connor

Maria Connor is the founder and owner of My Author Concierge, which provides marketing, editorial, and technical support services to authors, the author of DO LESS. WRITE MORE:  The Author’s Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Keeping an Excellent Author Assistant, and an international speaker on writing and publishing topics. She has worked with more than 100 authors, primarily self-published romance authors, across all genres. She is also an award-winning freelance writer, journalist, and published author, with more than 10 years of expertise producing content for print and digital media.

Afternoon Session: What's Involved in Disaffiliation from RWA

The Executive Board

The vote for TARA to stay or leave RWA was 20 for TARA to stay a chapter of RWA versus 28 to form a new writers’ corporation. There will be a discussion on the steps to form a corporation with the State of Florida and receive a non-profit classification with the IRS. A question and answer period will follow.

This meeting is a virtual meeting through Zoom

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