June 9, 2018, Heather Burch

Morning Session: Newsletters, Your #1 Sales Platform

We’ll discuss the components of an attention grabbing newsletter and why it’s your most important promotional piece. In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss ways to create a newsletter people actually read.

Topics include

  1. Building an effective newsletter
  2. How often is too often
  3. Ways to insure that email gets opened
  4. Reader “Capture”
  5. Captivate, Capture, Cultivate, Control – The 4 Cs of newsletter sales

Afternoon Session: The Power of Multi-author Promo

Many hands make light work, right? This workshop is in conjunction with the newsletter workshop. Here, you’ll learn how to gather authors of like minds to extend your reach, readership and your all important newsletter list of subscribers. We’ll go over Facebook groups, the importance of having a consistent “brand” for the group, and how to reach more readers. Also, we’ll discuss multi-author giveaways and a few giveaway platforms that work. Remember: When you’re marketing, you’re no longer an author. You’re a marketing business.


Heather Burch is a bestselling author who has written for Harper Collins, Zondervan, Montlake Romance and Lake Union Publishing. Her books have sold half a million copies and have been translated into a dozen languages. She currently writes upmarket women’s fiction for Lake Union. She lives in North Port, FL with an oversized lapdog and her husband, John.