June 8, 2019 – Joni M. Fisher

Both Sessions: Editing Down to the Bones

Whether you are writing your first novel or your fiftieth, how you approach the editing stage can make or break your story. This workshop teaches a streamlined process to strengthen and deepen your story from its structural bones to the final polishing of sentences. Thriller author Steve Berry said he edits every scene and sentence of his work seventy times before it goes to the publisher. His twenty-seven historical thrillers have been translated into forty languages. He understands the power of editing.

In this workshop, students will be introduced to:

  • how to test and build the structure of a story
  • choosing a point of view—whose story is it?
  • composing scenes by cause and effect
  • ordering scenes for maximum impact
  • establishing the story question and when to answer it
  • using the value of setting
  • choosing the types and levels of conflict
  • discerning scene from sequel
  • timing the use of backstory, flashbacks, and transitions
  • developing sensory details and fact-checking
  • crafting figures of speech and imagery
  • setting the pace
  • proofreading and line editing with critique partners and professionals.

Joni M. Fisher

After working decades in journalism, Joni M. Fisher turned to crime. Her Compass Crimes collection has garnered attention in Publisher’s Weekly and earned recognition in the 2017 National Indie Excellence Awards, the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards, the Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest, and the Sheila Contest. She serves on the Arts and Humanities Advisory Board for Southeastern University and is a member of the Florida Writers Association and Sisters in Crime. An instrument-rated private pilot, she’s also a contributing reporter for General Aviation News. For more information, see www.jonimfisher.com.