July 8, 2017, Birds of a Feather

Both Sessions: Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather flock together to help one another!

Flock together with other TARA flamingos for a relaxed, fun-filled day! Take this opportunity to present your synopsis or query to a group of writers for their collective opinions.

Get a critique of up to ten pages of your manuscript, or let us help develop that scene which just isn’t right.

Does your friend or family member fall short on role playing? Your birds of a feather friends will step into character.

Practice your pitch to an editor or agent on understanding peers.

This is the time and place to shake your feathers and scout out potential critique partners or beta readers. Fill out the critique or beta form under “Other Forms & Workshop Files”, then come to the meeting and speak with Karen Lingefelt, TARA’s Critique / Beta / Mentor Coordinator.

Whatever your writing needs or questions are, our Birds of a Feather meeting is where you’ll find help and answers.

Free workshop geared toward members, but guests are welcome. No registration required.

Meeting location: TAMPA GOLDEN CORRAL, 6942 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL.

Presented by Karen Lingefelt, the TARA Board, and YOU

Visit Karen Lingefelt’s website at karenlingefelt.com