April 8, 2017, Mary Lou Keller

Morning Session: Creating a Full Sensory Experience for the Reader

We all know the five traditional senses, but there are six other scientifically recognized senses (pain, balance, sense of time, joint motion/acceleration, thermoception, direction), and novelists need to use all eleven to elicit an instinctive reaction. We will also consider the internal receptor senses (respiration rate, vasodilation (blushing, flushing, chilling), swallowing, intestinal distress, gagging, fullness, cramping, headaches), and learn how to apply them to elicit an instinctive reaction in the reader. To layer in the sensibility essential to crafting compelling fiction, attendees will ascribe emotions and body language to each sensory input, and play ‘what if’ with their answers. Sensory props will include samples of textures, tastes, sounds, odors, and visuals. Think movie property department meets vacationing romance writer — definitely fun for everyone.

Afternoon Session: What Every Scene Needs – Essentials to Writing the Way Readers Think.

Writing a complete scene may seem intuitive to some, but many authors miss essential elements that keep the reader engaged and wanting more. If you want to take your writing to the next level, come learn the science of what every compelling scene needs. Bring a few pages of a scene you are working on so you can apply what you learn immediately.

Both sessions are free to members and guests. No registration is required.

Meeting location: TAMPA GOLDEN CORRAL, 6942 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL.

Both sessions presented by Mary Lue Keller w/a Marilyn Kelly

imageMarilyn Kelly writes super-strong women, which is no surprise. Traveling the world with five brothers, her theme song growing up was Anything They Can Do, I Can Do Better! A few years ago, she started writing sexy historical romances and her college sweetheart husband jumped in, helping her with research and grinning all the way. Her newest release is Banished to Paradise, a historical romance novella included in the Sizzling Florida Heat anthology, compiled by members of the Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA) chapter of the romance Romance Writers of America (RWA).  If you’re looking to sample different genres of romance, from erotica to romantic suspense to historical, this anthology is a bargain. Her super sexy Wanton Widows series is now complete with Ellora’s Cave, soon to be self-published. Sounds of Love, Puzzles of Passion, and Scandal of Art are all set in Victorian England and feature wanton widows who find their perfect mates after much struggle. Her first contemporary novel is called All The Boys I Ever Kissed  (A Choose Your Ending Novel), which recently won the Contemporary Category of the 2016 I Heart Indie Contest. She is also the creator of the popular Eleven Senses – Who Knew? booklet and workshop, with a related workshop, called What Every Scene Needs.

Learn more about Marily and her books at http://marilynkelly.net/