2016 TARA Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the 2016 TARA Contest winners and finalists!


Historical: Brenda Chin, Editor Entangled Publishing
WINNER Rocky Mountain Runaway Kathryn Crawford
2nd Place Salvation Suzanne Hoos
3rd Place Edge of No Return J’nell Ciesielski
Inspirational: Raela Schoeherr, Editor Bethany House
WINNER On Wings of Love  Davalynn Spencer
2nd Place Dawns Left Hand Laurie Wood
3rd Place The Wager Shelia Shook
Paranormal: Cat Clyne, Editor Sourcebooks, Inc.
WINNER A Destruction of Wildcats Margo Bond Collins
2nd Place Of Two Minds Paul Hubbird
3rd Place Sanguis Donum Robin Nelson
Romantic Suspense: Alison Dasho, Editor Montlake Publishing
WINNER Waiting Next Door Celeste Nist
 2nd Place In the Wrong Sights Tracy Brody
 3rd Place Hit & Run Lori Mansour
Series Contemporary: Liz Pelletier, Editor Entangled Publishing
 WINNER The Daddy Coach Karen Muir
 2nd Place A Pinch of Cinnamon Tanya Agler
 3rd Place Conflict of Interest Lisa Elijah
Single Title: Gabrielle Keck, Editor Avon / Harper Collins
 WINNER Animal Instincts Lauren James
 2nd Place Dream On Stacey Eskelin
 3rd Place Eire Ever After Jeanne M. Dickson
Women’s Fiction: Junessa Viloria, Editor Ballantine Bantam Dell
 WINNER Is That Me Talking? Janie Emaus
 2nd Place New Blood Doris Lemcke
 3rd Place A Town Called Hope Adele Gautier

Thank you to all the contestants who entered. We hope you’ll keep us in mind and prepare for the 2017 TARA Contest!

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